AWwoman Post

Dear Men/Boyfriends/Husbands,

Are you familiar with the response "You don't have to get me anything...", but know you're walking into a trap if you don't get her something? Avoid the relationship pitfalls and looks of disappointment by getting your woman something really special! You express your passion, love, and appreciation in numerous ways. Gifts are an undeniable way to show it no matter which love language she speaks. Before you buy her that teddy bear, hear us out!

We know your frustrations, the big gift-giving occasions always seem to be right around the corner. Just after Christmas is done, you are already looking for a Valentine’s gift then after that, an anniversary, a birthday, the cycle seem to go on forever! Not to mention, those “just because” presents. It is easy to run out of gift ideas!

Chances are that you will be repeating the same ol’ flowers, chocolates and the jewelry. Don’t get us wrong, a woman loves those things without end. However, not only do women love surprises, but they love knowing that you chose a gift that YOU would love to see on her. She's sexy AF, and you want to celebrate that! While the traditional bouquet will leave her undoubtedly tickled pink, it will not necessarily make her jaw drop. We have an idea which both of you will absolutely adore.