Pre-Shopping Preps:

1.Do Your Research

For it to be a complete surprise, it might require a bit of snooping in her lingerie drawers. Tag along on her shopping trips. Keep a close eye on the kind of lingerie she has and does not have. If there’s someone who knows her by heart, it should be you! So be extra attentive. Is she fond of push-ups, thongs? Does she look extra delicious in red or blue? That sort of thing! If you want to go the extra mile then educate yourself on the different lingerie types and which suits her body type well with this Lingerie Style Guide.

If your girl doesn't wear sexy lingerie often, consider thoughtfully what she wears on a date night and that will guide you in the direction of what she considers to be sexy. If your wife loves to match her lace bra with a lace thong panty, why not look for a similar lace bra and panty that you know will be a hit. Women also love sets, consider the full lifestyle package that goes great with lingerie such as: essential oils, soy candle, body perfume, bath bombs, etc. Create a gift package that she will love. It's not just about the lingerie, but everything that goes with it!

2.Know Her Size

One of the most crucial steps in making sure she would like (and use) your gift. Sneak some time to rummage through her stuff and list down her statistics: bra size (e.g. 32A, 36B,etc.), panty size (e.g. small, medium, large or size 0-16, etc.). If you are eyeing a more elaborate lingerie set then also put in her waist and hip size. Just to be sure!

Note: You can always be vocal about it. You can go straight ahead and ask her! Let the kind of lingerie you buy be the surprise. This also gives her a chance to drop a couple of hints, making it easier for you!